Outperforming organizations

Folkert Mulder Company
Insight and inspiration to excel

Creating organizations that outperform
Organizations and teams consist of individuals who can outperform by creating a shared awareness of the direction of the company or team, and translate that into shared and measurable goals. With the right operating strategy and the participation of all employees, companies are able to outperform.

Quality of direction
The outperforming organization shares a clear and inspiring vision, with transparent short- and long-term objectives in order to measure progress. We are able to unify all employees, who will have different perspectives, behind this single vision. Operating strategy will be transparent, and individual participation fully aligned.

Quality of interaction
With great energy and passion, employees will believe and know that each one of them will make a difference. Outperformance becomes a company value. We have seen this happen again and again.

Folkert Mulder
Folkert’s role is to facilitate transformations in organization and strategy. His special talent is his ability to establish deep trust within an organization and then master its group dynamic. Folkert Mulder has a strong and clear insight into what people need, not just organizations.

By providing insight and inspiration we create outperforming companies.

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